Sponsored Products Ads not showing


Most of my sponsored product ads are not showing up on search results despite maximum competitive bid on targeted keywords, I have tried every keyword along with the brand name but they are not coming up in search results as sponsored.

My ads were always on top of search placements in the past few years but suddenly yesterday they vanished. I have bid extremely high but no result or resolution.

I have created multiple new campaigns to check If there is some glitch, but the problem is still the same no SP Ads in search. The Sponsored Brand ads are working fine but Sponsored product ads have issues showing up.

Have anyone dealing with this same problem?

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May be your listing is suppressed. Simply copy your listing ASIN and type into the amazon search bar along with main keyword and search for it. if your listing will show, your listing is not suppressed. then open a case with amazon support team and tell them your reason with your Listing Asin.