Sponsored Product signup page is blank. Body of page blank. Can’t sign up!

In short
Click the ad to signup Sponsored Products
Next page does not show any details.

Long version:

Page 1
You know the ad in seller central for Sponsored Products?
Well I click that and I see:

Page 2
“Promote the products you sell on Amazon.co.uk
with keyword targeted ads
Sponsored Products on Amazon”
“Start Advertising”

Page 3
Blank details.
At the top you see “Amazon Sponsored Products” title
But the below there is no signup info. Nothing to continue the registration!!

So what gives?
I don’t have ad blocker
I tried different computers
I tried different languages
I tried to contact support but they did not give me a solution. Only that they want more of my time by calling me. Which I don’t have time for.

Anyone have the same or a solution?

Thank you

For anyone else that ends up here like I did:

I contacted support and they advised me that this is the page you see if you are not registered as a pro seller

I would like to inform you that the amazon sponsored product option is available for Professional Sellers on Amazon. In that case I request you upgrade your account as a Professional Seller. After that you will get the option for sponsored products.