Sponsored Ads what is the best software?


Im just about to start doing the sponsored ads myself, and I was wondering if anyone here uses a specific software to do this for them and how successful that has been?

Also how long did it take untill you started getting a ROI?

Thanks in advance

It’s important to conduct your own research, read user reviews, and evaluate the features and pricing of each software to determine the best fit for your specific needs. Here are some commonly mentioned software tools:

  1. Jungle Scout: Known for its comprehensive suite of Amazon seller tools, Jungle Scout offers features for product research, keyword tracking, listing optimization, and sponsored ads management.
  2. Sellics: Sellics is an all-in-one Amazon seller software that includes tools for managing sponsored products campaigns, monitoring performance metrics, analyzing keyword data, and optimizing product listings.
  3. Helium 10: Helium 10 provides a range of tools for Amazon sellers, including features for keyword research, product research, listing optimization, and advertising management. They offer a dedicated tool called ADS that focuses on sponsored ads management.
  4. SellerApp: SellerApp offers a suite of tools for Amazon sellers, including a sponsored products optimization module. It provides features such as keyword research, bid optimization, campaign performance tracking, and competitor analysis.
  5. AdBadger: AdBadger is a specialized software tool that focuses on Amazon PPC campaign management. It offers features for bid management, negative keyword discovery, campaign optimization, and reporting.
  6. Teikametrics: Teikametrics is an advanced Amazon advertising optimization platform that provides features for bid automation, keyword analysis, inventory management, and campaign performance tracking.