Sponsored Ads - Price Increase

Has there been an increase in the price of sponsored ads? My individual keyword ‘recommended bids’ have shot up from around 8-10p per click to 85p ish per click - I checked yesterday and everything was as normal, now the prices have increased and there’s an ‘apply’ button instead of ‘match bid’

I have wondered if the recent problems with declining sales has in fact been deliberately engineered by Amazon for this very reason, so that advertising becomes the new normal.

Instead of just paying your seller fees for that popular product that you were once selling, you now have to pay extra for advertising just to get a look in.

We already know they are desperately pushing FBA, we also know the number of ads on a pages has gone up, and we also know they are redesigning the site in a way that is putting buyers off. The now badly broken search engine (with no desire to fix it) is just one example.

Perhaps they’ve decided they can make more money by actually selling less, and getting the money instead from sellers in advertising costs and long term FBA storage fees.