Shared Seller Central access

Hello, friends! My dad and I are learning about FBA and we were wondering if I could give him access to my account to work together or if we would get flagged. Do you guys know?.. Thank you for the help!

Technically, he is a secondary user so “should” have his own sign-on and permissions of what he can and can’t do. But that would mean he will have to be verified by Amazon and that could be painful.

If you live together and you are happy he wouldn’t mess anything up, why don’t you just give him your login details. I know it goes against the rules but this is what my wife and I do, we just use the same logins on several devices.

If he doesn’t live with you, I would recommend you add him as a secondary user.

This is my personal opinion only.


Thank you for the clarification. No, we live separately, so he would be a secondary user with his own login. He wouldn’t be able to receive OTP codes using his own phone when attempting login with my details.

Go to user permissions and then add his email. It will give them a joint access. You can also restrict what access he has if needed.