Setting up a new seller account in the US

Hi guys. I see a lot of experienced people here and maybe you can guide me a bit.

I have created a single member LLC to sell on Amazon. I don’t live in the US, in fact I’m a Chilean Citizen.

I originally opened the account as Individual (with my name), and to change the legal entity I took te Tax Interview again which I completed as “Individual” (as amazon says a single member LLC is an individual) and “Non US Entity”. And with MY address (chilean). It made me fill a W8-BEN form.

Is this the correct process? Do I have to put my LLC’s EIN somewhere? As it hasn’t been asked for.

I also read in one post here that the LLC needs to be registered as a Business with Amazon. So at this point I’m not sure I have done the correct process.

Finally, I also see some people finding their way around to getting an Utility bill with the LLC’s address, which I haven’t been asked by Amazon either. Again, making me think I must be missing something.

Looking forward to your expert advise. Thanks!

Setting up a single member LLC to sell on Amazon as an international seller can be a complex process, and it’s essential to ensure that you’ve followed the correct steps to comply with Amazon’s requirements and tax regulations. While Amazon considers a single member LLC as an individual, it’s crucial to use your LLC’s information in the tax interview and W8-BEN form, not your personal details. If your LLC is registered in the US, you should have an EIN, which may need to be provided to Amazon for tax purposes. Double-check with Amazon Seller Support if they require the EIN and how to update your seller account with this information. Regarding the utility bill, Amazon may ask for proof of address, so be prepared to provide documentation showing your LLC’s address. To ensure a smooth process and compliance with international tax laws, I highly recommend seeking advice from a qualified accountant or tax professional specializing in international e-commerce. They can guide you through the entire process, helping you set up your seller account correctly and manage any tax-related matters. This way, you can operate your Amazon business confidently and avoid potential issues in the future.

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1, The W8-BEN form is appropriate for a non-US entity

2, yes it’s a correct process.

3, . You don’t need to provide your LLC’s EIN separately. (But it will help you when you purchase inventory for selling by suppliers)

4, The utility bill with the LLC’s address is sometimes requested during verification, but Amazon may not always ask for it. (But it’s better you should have all the documents on your hand)

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