Selling application for Brand


I am looking for some guidance. I am wanting to list a product I bought wholesale but am stuck at this step. I don’t know what this means and why I have to do a selling application for Brand?

Any advice would be appreciated thank you

You have a choice between sending Amazon an invoice from the manufacturer and/or wholesale distributor of AMOMA products,


An authorization letter from AMOMA.

The invoice is easiest. Amazon is asking for an invoice from AMOMA, or an authorized AMOMA distributor or wholesaler of their products. The purchase should include no less than 10 items, and must be purchased within the past 180 days.

It’s important that the invoice includes the name and address used on your Seller account application, and the invoice must have AMOMA’s name and address.


Buy at least ten units from brand get invoice take pic then upload :slightly_smiling_face:

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The ASIN you want to list is a brand-gated product. To list this one, you need to apply/submit either the Purchased Invoice of a legitimate wholesale supplier or manufacturer. Make sure, the invoice you submit must be issued within the last 180 days and it should be of at least 10 units purchased. Or you can submit the authorization/approval letter issued from that specific brand that owns this product.

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