Save time by running simultaneous experiments on brand listing content

Announcement reposted from Amazon Japan:

With the new Simultaneous Experiments feature in Manage Your Experiments, brands can A/B test various experiment types (title, images, bullet points, and A+ Content) for a single product ASIN within one experiment, saving you time.

For example, you could test the effects of adding your brand name to the title in a title experiment, while also adding your brand logo in an image and making changes to your A+ Content, without having to run three separate A/B tests. To try it, go to Manage Your Experiments, select your product, and run different experiment types for the attributes that you’d like to optimize.

Note: Only products that have received enough traffic in recent weeks are eligible for experimentation to ensure that you can confidently determine a winner. Depending on the category, high-traffic products might get several dozen orders per week, or more.

For more information on how to set up effective A/B tests, go to the Manage Your Experiments best practice guide.

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