Sales distribution on a listing with multiple sellers

Have had discussions with my partner of what to do….

Lets say the market demand is 1K sold a month and we are 5 sellers with same price will the 1K be distributed evenly or will someone get more sales if they do PPC (which I never have done) or what other factors influence?

Let also assume all have good quantity at FBA warehouse.

In my view it should be splitter evenly but I see sometimes we have maybe 10% of the sales…

By the way, this is a terrific forum!

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Splitting the Buybox equally is rare. The Buybox depends on various factors such as price, fast shipping, seller feedback, Prime eligibility, and maintaining inventory. Additionally, PPC works only when you have the Buybox; otherwise, the Buybox seller benefits from your PPC.

Many factors, and PPC in particular, may actually bring in more buyers rather than just share what is there. Gain more market share by utilizing MF as well as FBA, as they reach two different audiences.

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It’s rarely split evenly. Some may get 90%, and some may get 0%.

PPC only works if you are in the buy box, so it may lead to a slight increase in sales, but not great.

You assume amazon works logically. This is your fatal error.

You should know that not everyone automatically shops the buybox. I almost always look at other sellers, then I check prices, condition, but also who the seller is. Generally, a seller with the rating of less than 90% is not going to get a sale from me. I don’t care how good their price is.

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