SAFE-T reimbursement claims now available for CSBA and SFP orders

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

We have launched SAFE-T for Customer Service by Amazon (CSBA) and Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) orders on This will allow you to claim reimbursement of Amazon-issued refunds, for which you believe you should not be held financially responsible in accordance with the program policies.

You can file a SAFE-T claim to request a reimbursement when a customer has been refunded by Amazon on a CSBA or SFP order and there was an issue with the return, for example, if a returned item is not received in original condition. Your request will be assessed and Amazon will reimburse you in accordance with our Refund reimbursement policy for SAFE-T claims. Review the policy to learn which use cases are eligible for reimbursement via SAFE-T, what restrictions apply, and how to file a successful claim.

For more information, go toManage SAFE-T claims.