Running PPC on a generic unbranded ASIN

Hello everyone,

Is it safe to do sponsorship of the product which is not private labeled and selling as generic

Thank you :slight_smile:

Who really knows, spending money on PPC that are on amazon is foolish.

If you spend money on PPC use the major seach engines and direct them to your own webpage.

All you are doing is backside funding advertisements for sellers located in China that are going to be the lowest price.

All of this is at your expense… When they click on your item buyers are shown items from other sellers, LOWEST price wins. They just got a sale thanks to you spending your money on a PPC that was directed at YOUR item.


Sponsoring non-private labeled generic products can be safe if you carefully consider quality, transparency, legality, and how it aligns with your brand. Assess risks, competition, and potential impact before deciding.


Good point, but somehow I need to make money to fund the development of my site and so I was hoping to get at least 2-3 profitable listings for stable income :slight_smile:


Just do online arbitrage or go to the big box store and pick over the end caps with discount goods. Still plenty of sellers doing prime to ebay, even though ebay has issues. Both sites have rules regarding this so be sure to work in the “gray” area. That is how big tech operates so you can take their lead and do as they do. They got rich.

Also, go to the goodwill stores (I am assuming you are in USA), the local one is loaded with amazon sellers. You can pick out the experienced sellers, they don’t have to look everything up on their phone. Buy what they buy. They find clothes that still have tags or can be passed off as new.


I really appreciate your input. I’ve got this nagging concern about getting suspended right out of the gate. It’s wild – Amazon won’t even take retail receipts or those confirmations from online stores, not even from the big shots. They’re really strict about needing brand approval, and let’s face it, that’s pretty much a no-go with a fresh account.

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My friend, they will attack you regardless, if not amazon in the shadows or directly your competitors will do it to you.

Activist buyers that were not able to extort a free item out of you or they have a political agenda to use for self validation of their nefarious behavior. Who knows what you will run into.

Big tech would not let stuff like that stop them, you should not either. They have amassed so much money and power by playing so many people, they are rich and you are broke worrying about doing what is right in regards to online sales…


When I started selling on Amazon, for the first two years I played very safely. Everything purchased directly from manufacturers or very reputable distributors and backed with proper invoices.

Once you establish yourself in Amazon’s eyes, you can do retail arbitrage as well and Amazon won’t ask you for invoices.

I remember that at some point I used to buy Barbies on sale in my local toys store and then sending them straight into FBA without issues.