Reminder: Update your information by June 27 for INFORM Act compliance

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

The INFORM Consumers Act takes effect in the US on June 27, 2023. We encourage you to provide your business information, if you haven’t already, to avoid future disruption to your business, such as withholding of disbursements or, as the law may require, account deactivation.

The INFORM Consumers Act requires us to collect, verify, and disclose the identity, bank account, business address, email address, phone number, and tax information of certain third-party sellers.*

Go to Account Health, to check the status of each piece of information required for the INFORM Act. For any requirement that isn’t “Verified” or “In Progress,” click on the links to provide your information.

Our updated Account Health page will reflect any changes in your verification status generally after a few hours. Once all information is verified, INFORM-related banners on your Account Health page will disappear.

We recommend that you submit required information as soon as possible, as verification can take a few days.

For more information, including tips and FAQ on how to submit documents, go to About the INFORM Consumers Act or read INFORM Consumers Act Verification FAQs in the Seller Forums

Thank you to all who have provided their information and shared feedback on the verification process. For verification support, contact Selling Partner Support.

  • The law applies to third-party sellers on who, in any continuous 12-month period during the previous 24 months, have sold 200 or more, new or unused consumer products and have had $5,000 or more in gross revenues.