Reimbursement for unreceived inventory

Hey Everyone,

I purchased inventory from a brand and I almost shipped 100 units to Amazon, but only 14 units were received, and the status is closed.

In the first shipment plan, there isn’t an option available for researching the missing units as there is on others; it says “Investigation completed.”

Can anyone with experience in reimbursement give me advice? I have an invoice from the brand; what else should I attach? For proof of delivery, should I mention the FBA tracking number since I used an Amazon-partnered carrier? Also, what should I write in the “Provide additional information” column?

Should I open a case through support or just go to content and upload invoices?

Your advice would be appreciated.

For “investigation closed” create a case and upload the invoices.

Submit your invoice. Create case again and again even if they reject give them proof of buying the stock, they will reimburse for the lost inventory.

Just upload what they’re asking for, don’t overthink it.

Alright sure, what about the one shipment that says investigation completed? Should I do the same with it or open a separate case with amazon?

Lost inventory is fully automated and can be claimed back without even raising a case. You just copy fnsku and if anything missing they pay you. But if at the later date they find your stock, which will happen 75% they will reverse payment and deduct it from your account.


Create a case and provide an invoice + bank statement or your courier invoice etc to prove that you have sent them all the items. Then after a few days create a new case regarding your previous case and live chat with the support team that your matter is not resolved yet as you’ve provided all the available information from your side.

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