Recommendations: Inventory Management Software for Raw Materials / Manufacturing

Hi all,

We are struggling to find a software solution and thought we’d ask for your help & advice! :grin:

We are looking for inventory management software that can handle Raw Materials which get turned into Finished Products and shipped to Amazon FBA or held back as stock for our Shopify store.

The perfect software would need to be able to:

  1. Reduce the Raw Materials inventory as Finished Products are created from it. I.E. 10kg of Raw Material becomes 10 x 1kg Finished Products.
  2. Keep track of Finished Products as they get shipped to Amazon FBA or kept as stock for Shopify.
  3. Be capable of combining multiple Raw Materials into a single product and accurately working out the cost to produce the product (and updating this if some component parts increase in price).
  4. Have an intuitive dashboard that shows the total value of finished products currently at Amazon FBA (live integration), held in stock for Shopify, and Raw Materials not yet turned into products.
  5. Be able to integrate with Quickbooks and post cost of goods sold (not essential but nice to have).

So far we’ve found loads of options for managing finished goods, but they are missing the Raw Materials part. And the options for Raw Materials management are missing the Amazon FBA part. We’re struggling to find a solution that can do it all!

Any recommendations are welcome.

I use Sellerdynamics and it can make a “kit” product, which is basically making products from other products.

So you have item A, item B and item C, but together they make item ABC.

If someone then buys item ABC, seller dynamics will reduce the stock on item A, item B and item C, and it works the stock of item ABC based on how many you can make with the stock of item A, item B and item C.

Hope I explained that clearly.

I find it not very accurate for stock in FBA, Amazons own platform is better for that.

I don’t use a lot of Seller Dynamics features for autopricing etc, so you’d be best looking into it yourself, i believe the have a free trial.