Receipt without buyer name

When applying for a product to sell (RA), they require name on the receipt but if I bought it in the store, my name is not appearing on the receipt therefore my application is not accepted.

How can I fix that? I do have a receipt just not with my name on it.

Without knowing the store name, is it possible you can ask them for an invoice?

Since the answer is most likely no, I am successful selling RA on Amazon. The difference is I buy everything online. So, I get receipts and/or invoices for all my purchases with my name and address.


Contact the store where you purchased the product and ask them to reissue the receipt with your name on it. They may be able to do this if you provide them with some identification, such as your driver’s license or credit card.

If the store is unable to reissue the receipt, you may be able to provide other documentation to support your application, such as a credit card statement or bank statement showing the purchase.

Once you have the necessary documentation, you can resubmit your application for the product approval.

Alternatively, you can make another purchase, focusing on obtaining better invoices.


Thank you, I will contact them. It’s SportsDirect