Re-posting: Submission of documents relating to Magnetic amusement products and Water-absorbing synthetic resin toys

Announcement reposted from Amazon Japan:

The revision of the Consumer Product Safety Law came into effect on June, 19, 2023, and the following two products were added to the Specified Products as defined under the Consumer Product Safety Law.

*Magnetic amusement products (those used as toys or other recreational items by combining magnets with other magnets, and are limited to products which consists of individual magnets or parts using magnets that are smaller than the size determined by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Ordinance.)

*Water-absorbing synthetic resin toys (those using synthetic resin that swells by absorbing water and whose main body before water absorption is smaller than the size specified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Ordinance.)

In response to this, Amazon will ask sellers to submit documents confirming safety when selling magnetic amusement products and water-absorbing synthetic resin toys. Products that cannot be confirmed to meet the standards stipulated by law through the document review will not be able to be sold after December 19, 2023.

For details on document requirements, check each product’s help page as below.

Magnetic amusement products

Water-absorbing synthetic resin toys

Deadline for submission of documents: December 12, 2023

Contact: [email protected]

Note: We may request you to provide additional documents.

Note: By submitting the information above, you represent and warrant that all such information you provide is true, authentic, and accurate. If you breach this representation or warranty, your account may be temporarily deactivated.

For details, refer to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s website below:

New Toy Regulations for Children’s Safety to be Introduced