Question about shipping to Amazon’s warehouse

Hello everyone.

My question is about shipping to Amazon. I have received my first product today, it is a pallet with 16 boxes, each less than 1 kg and approx. 28x28x28cm each.

Once the product will be approved I will be able to print barcodes, right?

How to ship it back to Amazom? will i be able to put them all back on pallet or I can get label to each box or how would that work.

Sorry for my silly questions, it is all very complicated for me at the moment.

Many thanks

These really basic questions are answered in Seller University. Do take the time to read/watch. It’s time well spent.


When your listing will get approved, you have to download item labels or fnsku for each item/package and paste on them.

After that create a shipment plan according to number of cartons.

You have to put these packages in large carton and paste carton labels those you will get from amazon after shipment plan creation.

Paste these all labels and ship your inventory to shipping carrier collection center.

They will ship your inventory to amazon warehouse.


You will surely be better off putting 8 of these small boxes into a larger box and sending the 2 boxes off to Amazon like that. A pallet would be much more costly.

No idea why the delivery to you was on a pallet. Crazy!


Yes, once your product is approved, you can print Amazon barcodes (FNSKU labels) for each unit.

To ship them to Amazon, you can either label each box with its FNSKU or have them all on a pallet, but Amazon prefers pallets for larger quantities. Amazon’s Seller Central provides guidance on labeling and shipping requirements.


Thank you all for the tips

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