Question about LLC address

Hello all. I need a little assistance. So I previously created my LLC in Florida a few years back. But I’m now living in TN and I want to use my pre existing business to start my Amazon store. Can anyone give me any advice on whether or not I can update my address on my Florida business to reflect my TN address? I need to get a resales permit but I’m stuck

You will need your state and federal credentials in order to get seller verifed. I believe they are only checking sellers in the USA. It takes a while for all the government databases to get your info out. You will also need your banking credentials and insurance. It would be best to get all the paper work done then wait 30 days or so before applying.

When you apply to different agencies make sure EVERYTHING is exactly the same or it will get rejected.


No you can’t update address, as per Florida corporate law, address shall be in state of Florida…

You will have to conduct corporate flip…


If you choose to form foreign entity you will have to pay tax in both states.

Or stay in Florida.

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