Question about listing a generic product

Good morning.

I found a generic product that I want to list on my account and want to FBM to try it out. How do I go about listing a generic product? Do I have to register it? PL?

Another question, does H10 integrate with Amazon, meaning if I find a product on H10 can it be listed directly to Amazon?

First of all, if you want to list a generic product and want to do wholesale then you have to find a supplier about this product, shipping method is depend upon you.

For PL you have to launch your product with your own brand name that should be approved from Amazon or should be trademark registered from GOVT, and then link to Amazon brand registry.

You can integrate Helium 10 with Amazon but you need to know it is just a recommendation software, it will provide you guidance but all of things you have to do by yourself or can adjust auto setting.