Products made defective

I had 160 units of a product that was made unfulfillable due to being “defective”, this happened to me once before as these products have transparency barcode and I covered them up with the amazon barcode. Having learnt from this mistake I make sure that i do not cover the transparency barcode for each product. I created a case asking amazon why they have been made defective and they just respond saying that it could be a number of reasons such as product does not match listing or customer has returned. I ask amazon to give me specific reason and evidence but they just respond with the same message. Can anyone advise me what to do, I can get the product returned, but if i dont know why they are made defective then i wont be able to solve the issue with the product and i will have potentially lost a lot of money on this stock.

Transparency authenticity code (brand owner only, may be required to help prevent counterfeit).

Assuming that you are not the Brand Owner, the Transparency codes should have been covered.

Transparency authenticity codes

This very well may be the problem with your shipment. At this ;point, you need to remove them from the fulfillment center, relabel them, and ship them back.

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Thank you for the advice, so it seems like I was right about the issue being related to the transparency barcodes

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Yes, I think so. The fulfillment center would mark them as defective because of the barcode confusion. They could not be received into your inventory…

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