Products invisible in search results

Hello all,

I started selling on amazon with Fba. But My products don’t appear in the search results.

Also, I have activated a campaign of amazon ads and i have 0 clicks since i have start a campaign 10 days ago.

Does anyone know the reason?

Thanks in advance

What does it say on your seller dashboard?

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It can take some time for your product to appear in search results, especially if you’re a new seller. As for the Amazon Ads campaign, it’s possible that your targeting or keywords need some adjustment. I suggest checking your campaign settings and optimizing your keywords to improve visibility.


Products are active, just not getting clicks or sales

Brother i also faced this issue in my USA launch first day.

The reason behind is that all the sellers or your competitors have set bid more then 2$ or more then that a bid and for that reason their ad is winning and showing up on first page.

I understand on ads dashboard it will show you maximum bid for this keyword is 1.2$ or something but its not accurate.

So solution for this is to try fb ads or google ads to run traffic from their to your store and once they will keep buying you organic ranking will increase and the cost of advertising will be low as compared to right now situation in which your ad is not appearing.

Don’t open case with support they will only answe that : product is appearing and it appear but depends on biddings.

If need more assistance or google ads or fb ads service let me know

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