Product Compliance Requests

Hi, Can anyone please help us understand what is required as we received a notification on Amazon for 640 products, mostly in the toys category which have been flagged as requiring further information and documents. As with the REACH compliance document, we were able to place all of the ASIN/SKU’s onto one document, but we along with other sellers are very confused as to what we need to do, does anyone have any information which could help us in this situation, I have attached a screen shot of the email, thanks Sue


other sellers received the same notification.

When you go into “Account Health”, there will be an option to upload documents and you will be able to select that your items are not intended for children.

Otherwise a Child Safety Certificate will be necessary from the manufacturer.


Hi Kika

We import the toys into the UK and as importers we are required to submit a certificate of declaration, do you have a template or what we should write on this declaration as we have not had any requirements for this before? Also do you know if we will have to di this individually for each asin as we have well over 600 on amazon as requiring documents, your help is greatly appreciated as you are knowledgeable on most issues on Amazon



I am afraid you will have to do it individually for each ASIN.

The declaration format will depend on what you are selling and what documentation confirming compliance you have available.