Problem Understanding Certain Terms on Search Term Reports

When I download search term report on my Automatic Campaign I get a list of the search terms that customers used to search for their products. However, often, instead of legible search term that I can understand, I see a combination of letters and numbers that make no sense to me e.g. “b00pls6lcw” or “b014j8jali”. When I type those in the search box on Amazon it shows me the actual product that matched that term.

Can anyone explain how can I have Search Term show me all the search terms in legible format that I can read?

Just in case, I am a Mac user and I use MS Office 2011 to open CSV files in Excel.

I will be grateful for any information anyone could offer.


When a buyer searches for a product they will reach a product detail page. At the end of the page there may be a sponsored product widget that the buyer can click on.
The combination of letters and numbers is actually the ASIN of the product detail page that the buyer clicked on before clicking on the sponsored product widget.