Prime Day event deals


I still don’t have any recommendations to run a deal for “prime day” on Amazon and both of my products meet the criteria.

So does this mean I won’t be able to run any promos for prime day coming up?

You can create your own promotions for Prime Day on Amazon, even if you haven’t received specific recommendations. Just follow Amazon’s guidelines for discounts and deals.


The criteria are assessed by the Amazon system itself. We cannot do anything. Moreover, the deadline for enrollment in Prime Day even Black Friday and Cyber Monday has already passed.

Now you can only run the Prime Exclusive Discount for all events for which you have deadline till one day before the event.


If you haven’t received recommendations for Prime Day deals on Amazon, it’s possible that you may not be able to run promos for Prime Day this year.


So I can’t run them doing “prime day exclusive” discounts because it lets me do that one just not under the “deals” tab?

I’m asking can’t I run prime exclusive deals for prime day? instead of running the deals?

Don’t worry, there’s still time to run promos for Prime Day on Amazon. Keep an eye out for any upcoming Amazon promotions or deals specifically for Prime Day.

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Have you added your ASIN in search tab and checked?

If any of your ASIN is eligible it will start appearing under eligible tab

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The only thing I can create is “prime exclusive discounts” and regular coupons I just can’t do “Deals”

Yes, You can’t create “Deals” for Prime Day, but you can offer “Prime Exclusive Discounts” and regular coupons. Promote these discounts through Amazon PPC, email marketing, social media, and optimize your product listings for visibility during Prime Day.