Prime Day 2023

Prime Day 2022 was Amazon’s biggest year! Sales were up 15% from Prime Day 2021 and revenue was up 29% – customers saved a total of $1.7 billion.

Will 2023 Prime Day be bigger than 2022 Prime Day?

Prime Day is officially three weeks away.

It’s from 11th to 12th July.

Are you prepared? :facepunch:

One key strategy for Prime Day is to secure top search placements before the event.


Before Prime Day, customers tend to browse and add items to their carts.

Therefore, if the product appears in the TOS before the event, it is highly likely that customers will add it to their carts and wait for Prime Day to purchase it at a discounted price.

So consider increasing bids or adjusting placement modifiers to ensure the listings are visible on TOS.

Some more tips for Prime Day:

:arrow_right: Choose your best-selling ASINs for the highest ROI.
:arrow_right: Ensure that the inventory for the ASINs is sufficient.
:arrow_right: Promote your Prime Day deals on social media.
:arrow_right: Optimize your listings prior to the event if needed.
:arrow_right: Analyze past performance and sales trends for your account.
:arrow_right: Create bundles if applicable.
:arrow_right: Create Prime Day deals, PED, coupons, and promotions.
:arrow_right: Create a Prime Day badge on your Storefront.
:arrow_right: Use Amazon Posts to create awareness.

May your Prime Day be filled with sales and no returns!

Happy selling



Thank you for sharing the helpful tips @usmanyousaf112 :slight_smile:


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