PPC on a brand with exclusive rights on Amazon

Hello everyone,

There is a new brand (they have a single ASIN on Amazon very high BSR) with multiple product ranges in a particular niche. We had a meeting with them and they agreed to grant us exclusive rights on Amazon. Since they are very new, we will be partnering with them.

My question is: who will bear the cost of PPC?

Please advise.


Realistically, unless the brand agrees, you will have to pay the PPC.

In the highly unlikely event that they agree to pay, you will have to invoice them for the cost.


You should have them pay for it or you will go broke.


Should it be fully the brand owner, or is there a different way? Like 50% us 50% them?

How can we show them the exact figures on PPC spending, either projected for future spending or actual such as how much is going to be spent on PPC or how much was spent last month?

There is no way to estimate spending versus sales. There are lots of factors, but the biggest is your skill in PPC. For example, if a company is selling garage door openers and you bid on the keyword “garage door opener,” you will spend thousands without making any sales.

I understand your way of thinking that you will be effectively building their brand by paying for the PPC. They could terminate the agreement at any point and at that point, you will be the one who invested into building the brand.

If paying for the PPC is not a part of the deal, then you can freely sell the product without advertising to see if it makes money for investing into PPC.

Keep in mind that PPC is a risky and costly strategy on its own which requires significant expertise.

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Hire a ppc expert to get these estimates.

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Advertising reports.

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The most important is to block negative keywords.

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Thanks a bunch

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