Please help with newbie questions

Hey I’m new to this and I need help!

  1. Where do I find the right suppliers?

  2. Can I start with 2-4k?

  3. Once I get my items do I just list them in the Amazon seller account?

  4. Do I need to sell these on my own profile on Amazon or how will these items be sold through FBA?

What selling model are you thinking of going with? Abritrage, wholesale or private label



  1. Find suppliers look for reviews and ratings.

  2. Starting with 2-4k is doable.

  3. List your items in your Amazon seller account.

  4. FBA handles storage and shipping through your seller account.

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Try - Amazon Seller University - Learn, Sell and Earn on Amazon UK

Before getting too deep!


You could find products on alibaba; it’s better to start with small quantity; you need to have an Amazon seller account and building product list

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Sourcing from Ali baba only could get him in trouble depending on his market place. If he’s working in USA or the UK, he’ll have to clear customs and all to get his products in those targeted markets.

  1. Currently, most sellers on Amazon select and purchase suppliers from China. However, many suppliers in China are not source suppliers; they are just distributors of source factories. This will result in Amazon sellers not getting the lowest prices, and as a consequence, costs cannot be effectively controlled.
  2. A capital range of 2.2k-4k is sufficient to start your Amazon business. However, choosing which products to sell on Amazon is a process that needs to be taken seriously, as selecting the wrong product can result in poor sales.
  3. Once you have sourced the products you want, create an Amazon listing after completing all the preliminary work.
  4. The investment required for US FBA wholesale can vary greatly, depending on factors such as product selection, volume, and marketing. Purchasing inventory often entails a significant investment.

New sellers can achieve success in the market and earn substantial profits, but this requires thorough research, competitive pricing, effective marketing, and the provision of excellent customer service.

As a beginner, focus on gaining brand recognition by building relationships with legitimate wholesalers, setting up professional seller accounts, maintaining strong metrics, and ensuring your product listings are accurate and compliant with Amazon’s policies.


Hold up. Watch and learn first. Watch the videos on seller university. Watch videos from side hustle network and watch me Amazon on YouTube. Learn how the process works before you get started.

  1. no in is going to tell you the best suppliers or they are just adding extra competition for themselves. You have to put in the work to find them. Whatever way you want to do it. Some source RA and OA fro. Retail stores. Some find distributors or brands you can buy wholesale directly from.

  2. yes you definitely can but reinvest everything possible for as long as possible to compound the growth of your business.

3)you sit them on seller central as either FBA or FBM depending on Whig model you are doing

4)yes on your account and as either FBA or FBM

  1. To find suppliers, consider online platforms like Alibaba or reach out to manufacturers directly. Look for reputable sources with good reviews and consider attending trade shows for networking.

  2. Starting with 2-4k is feasible for some products, but research costs like sourcing, shipping, and Amazon fees. It’s crucial to carefully budget and possibly start with a small product range.

  3. After getting your items, create listings on your Amazon seller account. Optimize product titles, descriptions, and images for better visibility.

  4. You can sell items through Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Ship your inventory to Amazon, and they handle storage, packing, and shipping. You’ll still manage your listings and marketing on your Amazon seller account.

If you need any guidance, I’m here to help!

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