Owed £9k by Amazon for Disbursements. Anyone else?

During July-Sep, our Amazon seller funds bank account was changed without our knowledge. We contacted Amazon and brought this to their attention. We were unable to change it back to the right account detail as it was asking for the full bank account number to be entered/verified before it could be changed. As this was not our bank account, we had no idea what it was so the account number remained as it was and approx £9k of our funds was paid ‘elsewhere’ over 4 different disbursements. We have been bounced back and forth by Amazon ever since without receiving the money. We keep opening cases which they keep closing as ‘answered’. We are now receiving payments again but nothing is being done about the missing money. Every time we call/email we have to start all over again and this is driving me mad. They did confess that our account had been ‘compromised’ and I wondered is anyone else was in this position. Any ideas on how to actually get them to pay up would be appreciated. Of course a letter from the small claims court to the address Managing Director, 1 Principal Place, Worship Street, London
EC2A 2FA is next if anyone else has no ideas.

Why would you continue selling and having funds disbursed to a hacker’s bank account if you knew that your account has been compromised?

You should have immediately put your account on vacation settings and changed the bank account on file by contacting the Seller Support.

It is very unlikely that Amazon will reimburse you if they determine that you failed to act in a timely manner or protect your login details.

We were told by Amazon that they were sorting this and that the account was being ‘cleansed’ As I said before, we could not access the bank details to change them as we had been locked out. We were in discussion with Amazon throughout who assured us that it was being sorted. Interestingly, when the account number was changed, we received no emails requesting verification or any to say that changes had been made yet when we have changed them ourselves, we always get these. Amazon were alerted straight away which of course is all document so they can not say we did not act. We continued to trade with Amazon in good faith that they would resolve this.

You shouldn’t have listened to any reassurance from the Seller Support, they will always tell you whatever you want to hear to get you off the phone.

It is very unlikely that Amazon would reimburse you since you continued trading with the hacker’s bank account on file while letting all the funds get disbursed there.