OTP codes not being received

Has anyone experienced this issue? Every time I try to sign on I get this error and Amazon haven’t sent me a code to my phone

This is a known issue, here are my recommendations how to address it:

  1. Don’t interact with the error screen in any way. Don’t wait for the time for another OTP code to pass. Don’t click on Send OTP. Don’t click on Two-Step Verification Account Recovery.

  2. Refresh the browser and manually enter your full login credentials, therefore e-mail address and password. Do this even if you have them automatically pre-filled.

  3. Request the OTP and then enter it.


This happened to us last Thursday, was a complete pain in the arse to be honest. I assume it was a glitch but in the end you can also download some Authenticator app which worked for us after several hours of being locked out 🤬

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