Only 8 units out of 18 received

Hey everyone,

I Sent 18 units to Amazon, but after 15 days, they closed the shipment, stating only 8 units received. I’m puzzled and worried. I asked Amazon to put barcodes for me during inventory send-off.

Any advice on what I should do?

Please reply. Thanks in advance

When you go down a certain path expect trouble.

Buy a label printer and take responsibility for your goods instead of letting others do it for you, sorry.



Reconcile your shipment

If there are any differences between what you have sent in the shipment and what is received you have the option to Reconcile your shipment, This will open a formal investigation into the missing units.

There is usually a delay from the time your shipment closes until you can submit your Reconcile request.

The Article Reconcile your shipment discusses the process, and allows you to Enter Shipment ID to check if your shipment is eligible for investigation.

Selling Partner Support does not have further guidance.


I got this reply from Amazon:

That is the “standard” BS letter the tries to make you forget about the issue.

Problem is you DO NOT have a legal leg to stand on since you entrusted your goods to a 3rd party. Also, you don’t know for fact that amazon did lose it, more than likely your 3rd party processor made the mistake. Yes, amazon makes mistakes, however considering the level of automation involved with the process it is statistically less likely that they did cause the problem. Your 3rd party is doing your small order by hand, that is always the least stable process to use.


In business almost nothing goes as planned. Get use to it. Accept it. Prepare for it.

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I guess that’s it, then. Amazon’s investigation is complete, and 10 units were not received by them.

I agree with @skeeter. Having someone else run your FBA business usually doesn’t end well. Too many things can go wrong, and Amazon doesn’t always give second chances.

In all the years I used FBA, I never had anyone else prep and/or label our products. I also keep a worksheet (the shipping plan) printed out. It has notes confirming the quantity, and which box(s) they were packed in. When there was discrepancy, Amazon accepted our detailed notes as confirmation that we sent the units.

Best wishes for the future.



They do this all the time (to me at least) sometimes saying the boxes were empty, yet they also claim to weigh 20kg on arrival.

You have to send them documents showing you own the inventory.

That could also be your 3rd party processor or supplier making up lies.

This just recently happened, related to shipping weights not FBA. Purchased a twenty+ pound item, it was broken. Clicked return and seller provided a label label with 2 pounds of shipping weight. So it can work both ways. It also explains how so many are selling for next to nothing and still taking free returns on large items…Since it was an amazon label I wonder who is paying the 18 lb rate difference on this?