Offer discounted prices globally with the new Price Discounts dashboard

Announcement reposted from Amazon United States:

We’ve introduced a new Price Discounts tool for you to offer discounted prices on limited quantities to help sell through inventory and increase sales for up to 30 days.

The Price Discounts dashboard enables you to analyze how discounted prices affect customer demand with performance metrics like sales revenue, number of units sold, glance views, conversion rates, and sell-through rates.

When you run a price discount, the reduced price may appear with a strikethrough reference price in search and on the product detail page to highlight the customer’s potential savings for the duration of your price discount.

With the Price Discounts tool, you can do the following:

  • Run Price Discounts globally by choosing the Amazon store to offer your discounted prices.
  • Set a limit on the number of days and on the number of discounted units to offer before your discounted price reverts to its regular price.
  • Gain insight into performance globally with options to view performance by region, by Amazon store, and by ASIN.
  • Help increase sales and reduce excess inventory of seasonal products and perishable items during specific time periods.

For more information about Price Discounts, go to our help page.