Not receiving my payments

I enabled Amazon Pay on my website just over 1 month ago and since then i have received 4 payments in to my Amazon Pay account BUT these payments have not been sent to my business bank account and now Amazon are saying that i MAY have input my bank details incorrectly or there has been suspicious activity on my account?!

Either way Amazon are saying that as far as they are concerned they have transferred the money and that it is not their fault if i have put the incorrect bank details in?? I have asked Amazon to check what bank details they have paid the money too so we can identify if the money has gone to the wrong bank account but Amazon are saying that due to security reasons they can’t see the bank details that they are sending the money to??

In my experience when sending any BACS payments you have to have the bank details to be able to pay the correct person and therefore why can’t they see the details to confirm that they are correct?

It all seems slightly farcical to me and that i am not getting anywhere fast! I am waiting on a response now but also getting Legal action as Amazon will not give me my money!


Could you post here the communication, which you received from Amazon regarding the matter?

Otherwise, no one will be able to help.

It is totally possible your account number was typed in wrong and the payment went to another account. It does happen, even if account holder names do not match up. One of the weaknesses of tha BACS system is that it does not check names. They are rolling out a Payee Confirmation system this summer to prevent it from happening. Have you tried to double check your account number and sort code?

Amazon May 23, 2023 04:21 PM
Dear Seller,

Thank you for your return.

Unfortunately, for privacy security reason the technical merchant support does not have access to this information.

We cannot even see the bank account settings page. Only you can see that.

We can see under your performance notification that the bank account information was changed on April 30

Then on May 22.

Perhaps you can ask to the person which have entered the bank account information on April 30 to have more information about it.

I unfortunately, cannot provide any additional information on that issue.

Please let me know by replying to this case if you have more questions related to that issue or not.

Thank you for choosing Amazon Pay!

Amazon Pay Merchant Support

I agree that i could have typed the bank details incorrectly, however, i have no way of seeing what was typed in as the screen will only show me the last 3 digits of the account number and they are correct?

This is why i have asked Amazon to confirm what details they have used to send the payments to but they said they can’t see them either??? Which is very worrying!!!

HI i am exactly the same i have not been paid for about 3 months now and i am getting past on to different people i have not put any more stock in and i am not going to it has taken me a long time to build up i am now looking to put all of my stock into eBay seems to be less hassle but i am still trying to get paid

Its so bad!! I am going to contact the police if i don’t get my money back this week as effectively they have stolen my money!! I will let you know what happens!!