Not in the buy box


Iam new to amazon and wonder how the buy box works…

I am guessing i have to have to lowes price, but still my products shows “not in the buy box”

Is there any more rules i can have missed?

Only Amazon knows how it properly works, but new sellers are only likely to get the buy box if they’re using FBA. Other things that can improve buy box wins are:

  • low prices
  • not increasing prices too fast (even increasing the price on one listing can lead to other listings losing the buy box)
  • keeping items in stock FBA (moving to FBA stock to FBM appears to give a buy box penalty)
  • good account performance (no/low defect rate)

One thing to note is that the buy box can be shared. Assuming 3 sellers have the same price and all are using FBA; one seller may get 50%, one 30% and the other 20% all based on how their account is run and its trading history. In some cases you can have a lower price and not win the buy box at all.


The lowest price doesn’t always win the buy box. That’s a myth, we are higher than most competitors on a number of products and win the buy box.

Offering faster delivery often wins over competitors.

Having good performance metrics always helps over others.


As far as I’m aware I’ve found the following influences whether you win the buy box:

  • Price
  • Fulfillment Method (FBA)
  • Fastest Delivery Time
  • Account Metrics such as on time delivery rate/order defect rate, etc

Pretty much what has already been said here - who knows, if the EU’s new legislation on e-commerce goes through then Amazon may have to finally be transparent with how the buy box is decided!

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