Newbie looking for advice

Question 1- does ‘FBA on hand inventory’ mean its not available for selling yet? ‘Available’ shows 0. But i can see that product is available for buying. Should i start advertising only after ‘available’ number goes up?

Question 2 - how much time does campaign take to go live after creation? I created a campaign but dont see my product on any pages for those keyword, bid is placed higher than suggested.

Many thanks for your kind inputs.

You cannot advertise inactive listing. You need to have the product active and Buy Box is necessary to start a sponsored campaign.

  1. You can start advertising once there is an active offer in most cases. It’s not always a good idea because the estimated delivery date for the customer will be much longer if there are 0 available units. Some campaigns like Sponsor Brand Video will be active regardless if there is inventory.

  2. It can take a few minutes to a few hours. It depends on the campaign type.

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