New PPC campaign is not getting any impressions


I am a new seller (account is two months old) and have listed a new product on Amazon (a set of neckties).

I have tried setting up a sponsored product campaign but i’m not getting any impressions, clicks or spent etc. This is whether I am using manual keywords or automated keywords as I have tried both.

I have the buy box as the product I have listed is the first on Amazon and on my campaign manager it lists the campaign status as “delivering”.

Any help would be appreciated.


Could be that you’re not bidding enough per click.
Also it’s worth noting that Amazon sponsored product data is usually updated 48hrs after a new campaign.

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Maybe reviewing your keywords in the product listing as the automated keywords are taken from the listing itself. Try adding more keywords but most likely what @EPG_Sourcing has suggested… higher bids.

And since it’s not costing you, just keep it going and start a new campaign to see if your changes are making a difference.

I’d recommend looking at the campaign settings and setting up a bid up/down rule so you have some control over how much more you’re bidding.