New listing for PPC

Hi All

I am looking at promoting two new listings.

At present I have sales however I don’t have reviews on my account or on the listing but I hope to have these soon. I have set up Campaign manager and this has said that I have had some sales however they do not relate to the item that I have promoted and another item, why as I have promoted one listing do they say that they have got sales on another similar item?

To set up PPC what do I need to do to make this successful (I know that’s a massive question, however I wish to make this successful using my own listings)

Man thanks for any help setting this up

Firstly, may I ask when did you register as a seller on Amazon and what category of products are you selling? Because there are some restrictions and rules regarding advertising.

You should optimize your listing, know your marketing spend, determine your target ACoS, select the right keywords, find the right negative keywords and monitor your daily budget.

There are also various blog articles available on the internet advising how to make a success out of a PPC campaign which you can review.

I registered around the start of July.

I am selling in Electronics and Womens Clothing. Both are offered in Campaign Manager.

I am trying to optimize listing with better pictures, using Google Keywords to identify best key words for search and title. Interestingly I have managed to get close to the top with the electronic item I just need to work on the ACoS and monitor how its going

Do you have the BuyBox eligibility already? I am assuming your offers are FBA then…

Because new sellers normally have to wait at least 90 days after registration to be eligible.

Hi I dont use FBA im under merchant delivery. Yes I have the BuyBox eligibility. My sales have been about £2500 I don’t know if that matters or not.
As I have set up a campaign am I able to change the key words associated or do I pause/stop then redo with optimised keywords

So it sounds like Amazon changed the way how the BuyBox eligibility works then, because new sellers were never eligible unless doing FBA.

I would pause it prior to making any updates:

It is a minefield trying to navigate my way through Amazon, being comfortable trading on the auction site and knowing how to manage sales on there managing sales on here is a bit different. But since 11th I have done ok just need to get some seller feedback to assist me