New Desktop Sponsored Brand Ad Layout… Thoughts?

Hi all,

Last couple of days the layout/design of the Sponsored Brand Ads changed. The new design (on desktop browsers) squashes the brand/company logo and leaves empty space to the right of the products.

Just doesn’t look as good or have the same impact as the previous version. The previous version is also being shown in the ad preview, which is not correct.

Amazon support said “From time to time, we test multiple versions of our ads to help determine which characteristics or services are best for our customers”. They also said I can change the new design in the creative which is not true.

Does anyone prefer the new layout and does anyone know how long these “tests” usually last?

Thanks for your input.


It’s not uncommon for Amazon to conduct design and layout tests to optimize the performance of their advertising formats. Changes in the layout of Sponsored Brand Ads, as you’ve described, can indeed affect the visual impact and effectiveness of the ads. While I don’t have specific information on the duration of these tests, I can provide some insights based on general practices:

  1. Testing Duration: The duration of such tests can vary widely. Amazon typically tests new designs and layouts to gather sufficient data and evaluate the impact on key performance metrics. This could range from a few weeks to a couple of months.
  2. Rollback: If the new design does not perform as well as expected or doesn’t align with customer preferences, Amazon might decide to revert to the previous design. However, this decision can be influenced by the overall data and feedback collected during the testing period.
  3. Feedback Collection: Amazon often values feedback from sellers and advertisers. If you have concerns about the new design impacting the visual appeal and effectiveness of your Sponsored Brand Ads, consider sharing your feedback through official channels or seller support.
  4. Ad Creative: While Amazon support might have mentioned that you can change the new design in the creative, this might refer to adjusting the content of your ad, such as images and text, to optimize its appearance within the new layout.
  5. Adjusting Strategy: During the test period, consider closely monitoring the performance of your Sponsored Brand Ads with the new design. If you notice a significant drop in performance metrics such as click-through rate or conversion rate, you might need to adjust your ad strategy or budget accordingly.
  6. Adaptation: If the new design becomes a permanent change, consider adapting your ad creatives to align with the new layout while maintaining the effectiveness of your messaging.
  7. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on Amazon’s official communication channels, such as seller forums and updates on Seller Central, for any announcements or insights regarding design changes and testing updates.

It’s understandable that design changes can impact your advertising efforts and brand visibility. While you might not have control over the design changes, you can focus on optimizing other aspects of your campaigns, such as ad content, targeting, and bidding strategies, to maximize the effectiveness of your Sponsored Brand Ads within the new layout.