New delivery window requirement for Fulfilment by Amazon shipments

Announcement reposted from Amazon USA:

We understand that quicker receiving and shipment processing at our fulfilment centres is important to your business. Starting February 15, 2024, we’ll be rolling out a new Send to Amazon requirement to help us stock your products faster.

When you create a shipment, we’ll ask you to provide a “delivery window,” which is an estimated date range by when you expect your shipment to arrive at our fulfilment centre. Since transportation lead times vary, we’ll ask you to specify a date range; 7-day delivery window for domestic shipments or a 14-day delivery window for cross-border shipments that have longer lead times, for example, August 1-14. If your shipping plans change, you can update the information until the start of your delivery window on Send to Amazon in the “Tracking details” step.

We encourage you to work with your carriers to provide your best estimates. We rely on the delivery window information that you provide to effectively manage your incoming shipments and stock your products sooner, so you can make better supply chain decisions.

Beginning February 15, 2024, if you use a non-partnered carrier for small parcel or less-than-truckload shipments, you must provide a delivery window on Send to Amazon. If you use an Amazon-partnered carrier or Amazon Global Logistics, no action is required because the carrier will provide us with shipment arrival information.

To learn more, go to Send to Amazon: Delivery window. If you have questions or feedback about delivery windows, you can attend our Ask Amazon event on February 20, 2024, to speak with our experts.

Note: This is a staggered roll-out. Full launch will be completed by February 22, 2024.