New coupon pricing validation to improve customer experience

Announcement reposted from Amazon Mexico:

On February 19, 2024, we’ve started to validate coupon pricing based on updated requirements to ensure customers receive credible discounts.

Items will be required to have a sales history before they’re eligible to run on a coupon, and the promotion price must be lower than either the Was Price or the recent lowest price. Also, coupons must have a discount percentage between the minimum (5% off) and maximum (50% off).

If an item’s price or discount doesn’t meet these new pricing requirements and you receive an error message on your dashboard, that item will be temporarily excluded from a coupon until the requirement has been been met.

Coupon pricing error messages will gradually roll out to all sellers between February 19 and March 21, 2024. There are immediate actions you can take to resolve the following error messages:

Price history issue: To make this item eligible, create sales history by selling just one unit of the item to build the Was Price.

Increase discount: Increase your discount value to make this item eligible.

Minimum/maximum discount issue: Update your sale price discount percentage to be between the minimum and maximum to make this item eligible.

To learn more about coupon pricing requirements and error messages, go to Understanding coupon errors.