New book regulations in France effective October 7, 2023

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Starting October 7, 2023, New Books sold online will be subject to a new mandatory minimum shipping fee, in accordance with the ministerial order published by the French government in April 23. The minimum shipping fees for new books delivered in France will be set as follows:

€3, all taxes included, for any order including one or more books with a total purchase value of books in condition new less than €35, all taxes included.

€0.01, all taxes included, for any order including one or more new books with a total purchase value of new books equal to or greater than €35, all taxes included.

These requirements will apply to New Books offers from all selling partners across the fulfillment channels delivered in France.

We understand that these changes are likely to have an impact on your business, and we’re here to help. For more information on these requirements and how to comply with the new regulations, go to FR Books shipping regulation.

This is very interesting! So France is introducing legal frameworks to disadvantage e-commerce sellers in efforts to help struggling b&m local businesses.

It’s very sad to see that measures like this have to be implemented. Apparently, not everyone is able to easily adapt to e-commerce and offer their inventory online.

I suspect that more product categories (apart from books) will follow and also other countries will take a note.