Need expert advise please

i have identified and ordered a product in online arbitrage listed the ASIN and the product is still in transit and amazon suppressed the buy box.

  1. should i proceed sending the product in my inventory?

  2. will i be able to sell this product if i put a lower price?

  3. will it have any account health issues if i’m selling buy box suppressed ASIN ?

You can still sell a product with a suppressed buy box. You can lower the price if you want. Its up to you. It won’t affect account health.

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Hi @Sarah,

Selling buy box suppressed ASIN?

Is the Buy Box missing, or is the ASIN suppressed? It makes a big difference in answering your questions.


Hi, there is basically no add to cart button and you need to look for all offers manually, if this makes sense.

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Hi @Sarah

Yes, it does make sense. When Amazon thinks the price is too high they will remove the Buy Box. Customers interested in your product will click to see all buying options.

If you lower your price, you might get the Buy Box back.

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