My payment is hold for nonsense excuses and pooor customer service

The only thing I could say to new sellers who has hope on this platform is take your money and run away
I’m getting tiered of opening cases or chatting live with members who even don’t know what to answer
or even dont have basic knowledge of international transaction needed such as swift no/IBIN no

The only thing I want to take my £11,000 money back after 3 months and get rid of this marketplace for ever as every sellers advised me before and I didnt listen
I’m tired of loosing money and filling amazon pocket
Or any other nonsense unreasonable excuses
Or receiving general unhelpful responses
The only response I’m taking is we will open a case for you and refer you to the team specialist :slight_smile:
Still I’m waiting for team specialist to back to ME !!! :slight_smile:
2- be carful about what you are doing because you would not receive any support as seller from this marketplace
As long as Amazon receive its fees and their customer been happy your cases dont go anywhere
I opened many cases regarding one of customer claimed for A TO Z guarantee ( he was not at home at he claimed to refund his money £800 ( TV ) Amazon immediately refund his money even without asking us what happened after that customer toke the Tv that it was in local TNT warehouse and never answered our messages
You know why because buyers know very well about Amazon policy that is seller has no right about anything
now after calling and opening many cases since January I received no response from Amazon
only one of team members told me its a matter between you and buyer we can not involve our self!!! please improve your customer service :slight_smile:
At the end I profit none
Amazon pocket is full
And customer is watching his favourite moves on his free TV plus his £800
ME |: still praying to at least receive my money back After 3 months
And had to deactivated my account because Amazon Are working with my money instead of me
Thankfully both ME and my partner are working in Television as director and editor and we could got a promotion to make a PKG ( documentary )regarding this services and seller unsolved issues

Today after many cases I opened and the phone call I had with them again received the same unrelated response

"Thank you for contacting Amazon Seller Support.

We have opened a case to address your issue. A team member will follow up with you as soon as possible. We answer most emails in less than 12 hours."

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

As per the telephonic conversation requesting you to submit the requested documents.

Please follow the link bellow and submit the required documents:-

The concerned team will verify the same and get back in touch with you at the earliest.

Please let us know how we did."

"The last transfer in the amount of € to your bank account saved with us with the final digits 215 could not be completed. The amount was transferred back. We then deleted your current bank account information from your “Sell on Amazon” payment account. In order to receive payments, you need to update your bank account information as follows:
they asked me to open another bank account or change it you know why because they even dont have a basic knowledge of that any international bank account transaction requires SWIFT/IBIN no
which I never could receive its link to could submit it after tooooo many times requesting emailing chatting |:
instead I have to open another bank account which is totally nonsense

It seems like you have already been in contact with Amazon’s Seller Support and have opened cases to address your concerns. While I can understand your frustration, it’s important to continue working with Amazon’s support team to resolve the issues you’re facing. They are in the best position to provide specific assistance related to your account and transactions.

If you feel that your concerns are not being adequately addressed or that you’re not receiving the support you need, you may consider reaching out to Amazon’s Seller Support again and expressing your dissatisfaction. Alternatively, you can explore other channels such as their community forums or official seller forums where you might find advice from other experienced sellers who have encountered similar situations.

Additionally, documenting your experiences and concerns, as you mentioned, can be helpful in raising awareness and advocating for improvements in Amazon’s seller support and policies.

Please note that my responses are based on general knowledge and may not be applicable to your specific situation. It’s important to continue engaging with Amazon’s support team to address your concerns effectively.