Multiple sellers - single detail page

Hey! I try to sell product under ASIN which was already created by other merchant, meaning that detail page is a shared space that displays attributes common to all offers for the product. If I will run PPC campaigns, how amazon will convert user who buys on this shared product page? How does amazon decide which seller is eligible for unique buyer who visits the product page? Maybe PPC in this case won’t work?

From my experiences it’s down to best price including postage. You need to win the buy box to be the one they see… so doing PPC probably won’t work out well for you unless you’re willing to low ball.

as far as I know your PPC wont be running anyways until you are winning the buy box

You just paid for their advertising.

Get your own ASIN with a new UPC code and its not so bad IF your item is priced lower than others that amazon will suggestively sell to those viewing your listing.