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I have just set up a manual ppc campaign, well about 3 days ago. The keywords used were derived from the automatic campaign we had running a weeks earlier. We have had no impressions or clicks on these keywords in the automatic campaign. I believe our bid for each word is very competitive and that the keywords had good search history. In terms of inputting the keywords, i simply copied and pasted from the spreadsheet but not sue if there could be possible issues with doing so? I am just concerned that as to why my product isnt showing up for the keywords I am bidding for and whether I have set it all up correctly? Any advice from would be appreciated.

there could be a few possible reasons for this:

Low search volume: It’s possible that the keywords you selected have low search volume, which means not many people are actively searching for them. You can check the search volume of your keywords using Magnet tools to see if this is the case.

Low bid: While you mentioned that you believe your bids are competitive, it’s worth double-checking if your bid is high enough to compete with other advertisers. If your bid is significantly lower than the competition, your ads may not be shown frequently or at all

Low-quality score: Each keyword in your PPC campaign is assigned a quality score by the advertising platform based on factors like relevance, click-through rate, and landing page experience. If your keywords have a low-quality score, it can impact their visibility in search results.

Negative keywords: Make sure you haven’t inadvertently included negative keywords in your campaign. Negative keywords prevent your ads from showing up for specific search terms. Review your negative keyword list to ensure it’s not blocking your desired keywords.

Regarding copying and pasting keywords from a spreadsheet, there shouldn’t be any issues with doing so as long as the keywords are correctly formatted and match the requirements of the advertising platform.

Remember that PPC campaigns can take time to optimize, so it’s important to monitor and make adjustments as needed to improve performance.

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