Making edits to new Amazon seller application

Hello everyone,

I just filled out sellers permit application on Amazon but realized few corrections need to be done after sending it through…For some reason under my business name there is state I live in listed instead of the name of the business.

I can’t not find anywhere where I can reach for help to do corrections. Is there anything could be done at this point?

Please help and thank you in advance

Hello @estores. Welcome to the Seller Forums!

There isn’t much you can do until you hear from Amazon. Because you are not yet an Amazon seller, you couldn’t even open a case with Amazon Seller Support.

All you can do is wait it out, and hope they give you an opportunity to update your application.


You will need to keep contacting the Seller Support until eventually someone enables the Edit function of the greyed out fields for you.

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All sorted, thank you! :slight_smile:

If you would kindly share the solution with the Seller-Forum members, we’d appreciate it.