Make sure your third-party app is vetted by Amazon

Announcement reposted from Amazon US:

If you use third-party apps to conduct business, make sure that they’re verified by Amazon to ensure your account and data are protected.

We know that third-party apps can help you increase revenue, lower costs, or simplify operations, but it’s important to use secure, Amazon-approved apps.

All apps on the Selling Partner Appstore are vetted and approved by Amazon in the following ways:

  • We ensure compliance and transparency. We verify that all third-party apps comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and Data Protection Policy which includes transparency on data access and regulatory compliance.
  • We verify that your data is secure. Apps must follow our Data Protection Policy, which governs data security and management on Amazon.
  • We continually monitor and audit third-party apps. We audit apps to make sure that they comply with our policies. We check if the listings on the Appstore and the developer’s website have accurate and consistent information about pricing, functionality and claims about the product.
  • We remove apps that fail the audit from the Appstore.

For Amazon-approved third-party apps, go to the Selling Partner Appstore.

For more information about how we vet third-party apps, go to Protecting your account and data is our top priority.