Learn about extended producer responsibility requirements in France

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

To help you comply with extended producer responsibility requirements in France, we’ve added an educational guide to Seller University.

The guide outlines your extended producer responsibility requirements for the products that you sell in France. If you’re a producer in France, you must go to the Compliance Information for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) portal to submit a unique identification number for each EPR category of products that you sell.

If you don’t comply with EPR requirements, we’ll enrol you in Pay on Behalf to report and pay charges owed for your sales of products in EPR categories in France, and recover these amounts from your seller account.

For help with EPR compliance, go to Amazon Compliance Solutions. You can find EPR Services on Amazon, which covers fees for EPR registration, annual EPR filing, annual EPR authorised representation, and a one-time legal proxy.

For more information, go to Extended producer responsibility requirements: France.