Launching my own product

Good morning.

I’m creating a product for dogs and I am actually in the process of looking into someone to manufacture my product.

Can someone let me know what steps and what will I need to do to sell my product on Amazon?

First of all evaluate the dog niche,

Once That’s done hop onto alibaba and search for manufacturers.

Call in samples and evaluate and order inventory accordingly,

Afterwards do PPC ads and boom you are good to go


Start by choosing a profitable product. Next, source it from China, negotiate for a good quotation, and oversee the manufacturing process. Once the product is ready, ensure it meets your standards through inspection and then enlist a freight forwarder to handle its shipment to Amazon. On the business side, establish a professional Amazon account, capture high-quality product photos, create a listing, and set up a shipping plan using Amazon Seller Central. Once your product is live, kickstart its visibility by running PPC campaigns to boost its ranking.