Are the search terms that are added into the product information section in seller central the terms that are used for the sponsored ads? In order for us to be visible do we need to add our keywords that we want to be visible for in the original product listing as well as in the sponsored ad, ad group?

No, the search terms added to the product information section in Seller Central are not directly used for sponsored ads. In Amazon Sponsored Ads, you need to set up specific keywords for your ad campaigns, known as “targeting keywords” or “keywords for Sponsored Products.”

While the search terms in the product information section can contribute to organic search visibility, they don’t have a direct impact on sponsored ad targeting. To be visible in sponsored ads, you need to add your desired keywords to the ad campaign’s targeting settings.

It’s a good practice to conduct thorough keyword research and include relevant and high-converting keywords both in your product listing’s backend search terms (for organic visibility) and in your sponsored ad campaigns (for targeted advertising). By doing so, you can maximize your product’s visibility in both organic search results and sponsored ad placements.