Keyword Research Strategy

What is the Best Strategy to Do Keyword Research.

1 : Through cerebro Reverse 10 Competitor Asins and get all Product Keyword.?

2 : Through Magnet Keyword Research?

What is the best way to Find all Relevant Keywords for Product?

Which Method is Best and Profitable for my Product?

Senior Guide

  1. Reverse ASIN lookup using Cerebro: This method involves analyzing the keywords associated with your competitors’ ASINs using tools like Cerebro. By identifying the keywords that successful competitors are targeting, you can gain insights into relevant keywords for your product. This approach can be valuable in understanding the competitive landscape and identifying high-performing keywords that you may want to consider incorporating into your own strategy.
  2. Magnet Keyword Research: Magnet is a keyword research tool provided by Helium 10. It allows you to generate a list of relevant keywords based on a seed keyword or product idea. By entering a relevant keyword into Magnet, you can uncover a range of related keywords that customers may be using to search for products in your category. This method can help you expand your keyword list and discover new opportunities to optimize your listing.